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Post-Divorce Issues

The process you follow post-divorce will set you up for how you handle the rest of your life.

There are a number of financial and legal matters you’ll need to address so that you don’t hit snags and hangups.

Even after your divorce is finalized, you’ll still need to be vigilant, protective and aware of your legal rights.

  1. Make Sure All Your Joint Accounts are Closed or Otherwise Handled

If the two of you have any joint accounts open, make sure to close them or otherwise address this matter. The last thing you want is for your ex-spouse to make spite purchases and drain an account that both of you own.

Consult your divorce attorney on how to proceed with this if it’s an account that you overlooked during the divorce proceedings.

  1. Set Up and Stick to Child Visitation Schedules

Even if you disagree with the terms of the divorce decree as it pertains to visitation and child support, always stick to the terms. You can always appeal, and your appeal has a better chance of success if you were cooperative with the prior terms. Besides, it’s your children who suffer most when either of you fails to follow the visitation schedule, and missing child support payments can bring about further legal issues.

  1. Hire Mediators You Can Work With on Tough Issues

Just as collaborative divorce is often the best course of action for your divorce, a mediator can also assist you in working through the tough issues.

A mediator will cost you about $1,000 to $2,000 and can be an invaluable professional to have assisting you both. This helps the two of you come up with any necessary agreements or amendments to arrangements, so that family court becomes a matter of simply filing paperwork, rather than battling it out.

  1. Address Any Joint Business Interests You Have

Many couples still have joint business interests following a divorce. Even if you come up with an arrangement moving forward, you will still likely need to have conversations and meetings regularly about your business. Find some communication strategies that work, and make a pact that you’ll put personal issues to the side in the name of your business interests.

  1. Handle Your Insurance Policies and Any Beneficiaries

If you have a will and insurance policies that list your kids as beneficiaries, you’ll need to figure out whether changes need to be made.

For instance, it might make more sense for the kids to be listed on the insurance policy of the parent who has the better plan. Figure out what makes sense, and how this relates to your custody arrangement.

Follow This Post-Divorce Checklist

With this post-divorce checklist, you’re dotting “i’s” and crossing “t’s” when it comes to your divorce. Use these points to your advantage so you can handle business in a peaceful manner.

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