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In mediation, Lauren will act as a neutral mediator helping you and your spouse or co-parent come to an agreement. She is not an advocate for either party, but rather discusses the issues requiring resolution so that both parties’ voices are heard. Then Lauren will help the parties thoughtfully consider various options and settlements guided by the relevant law. It is important to note that mediation can be successful for a variety of family law cases, from divorces, to custody cases, to post-divorce disputes, to family conflict that requires professional assistance.

Mediation is a confidential process. In the event your mediation is unsuccessful nothing will be disclosed by Lauren to the court. However, Lauren will not be able to represent either party in court and each party would have to retain their own attorneys. In the event your mediation is successful then Lauren will act in the role of “scrivener.” She will draft your agreement and any other required paperwork for the parties’ review.