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Areas of Practice


We’re here to support and guide you in making smart, informed decisions with divorce-related matters so that you can move forward with clarity and confidence.

Contested Divorce

If you and your spouse are unable to agree to the terms of your divorce then you’ll need to move forward with a contested divorce.

Uncontested Divorce

We offer a special flat-fee price for couples who have come to a mutual agreement regarding the terms of their divorce.

Legal Separation

A legal separation generally serves as a trial run for divorce. You remain technically married but move forward as a divorced couple would.


An annulment essentially erases the marriage as if it never happened, and must meet certain criteria in the state of Nevada.

Collaborative Divorce

For couples who want to work together with their respective attorneys to come up with a divorce agreement, a collaborative divorce serves as a less expensive and less time-consuming route.

Divorce Mediation

A mediator is a neutral third party that works with both spouses to reach a decision that is best for everyone involved.


Navigating child custody/support and the laws around it can get tricky. We will work with you, the court and your partner’s attorney towards an outcome that is in the best interest of the child.

Grandparent Visitation

Nevada grandparents have the legal right to request court-ordered visitation with their grandchildren if they can prove it is in the best interest of the child(ren).

Petitions to Establish Child Custody (For Unmarried Parties)

Child custody between unmarried parties can require additional steps including establishing parentage.

Child Support

In Nevada, child support aims to pay for the basic care and medical costs of children and is calculated based on each parent’s gross monthly income.


A decree, the final, enforceable order containing the details of the court’s decision, can be modified if a party can show a substantial and continuing change of circumstances.

Alimony Modification

Alimony can be modified based on a variety of factors including a change in income, property values, contribution as a homemaker and the existence of marketable skills attained during the marriage.

Contempt Issues

If your spouse has violated a court order, we can help you prove your spouse is in contempt of court after which he will be ordered to comply.

Child Support Modification

Custody Modifications