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Legal Hurdles of Adoption

The adoption process has a potential set of difficulties that can delay or even cancel your adoption.

  • Challenge by birth parents. Biological parents can challenge or withdraw their adoption consent before the procedure finishes within a specific period of time, depending on the specific state law(s). Most state laws allow this, except under certain circumstances, such as the birth parents abandoning the child.
  • Open adoption difficulties. Open adoption agreements allowthe birth family to have agreed upon contact with the adoptive family and the child(ren). Open Adoption agreements are crafted to the specific desires of both sets of parents and can be a limited as sending letters/photographs to the biological parent(s) or as extensive as scheduled regular visitations with the child(ren). This is a very nice option for many families and the children involved, however, sometimes open adoptions take additional time and consideration before an adoption can be finalized.
  • Best interests of the child. The state must determine that the adoption is in the best interests of the child, rather than the birth or adoptive parents, which results in strict investigations, requirements, and probationary periods.

You should not have to deal with these legal complications on your own. Legal assistance, such as that provided by Berkich Lucey Law Group, is an asset during the adoption process.

How a Law Firm Helps With the Process

The process of adoption can be complicated, involving many regulations that you must follow. A family lawyer who specializes in adoption will look at your situation and get to know you well. By understanding your current situation, as well as the possible issues at hand, he or she can lend a helping hand and make sure the process goes smoothly. Berkich Lucey Law Group will not only guide you through the legal issues, but would be available to support and assist you with any additional needs that may arise during this momentous time.

Adoption attorneys can specifically assist you with the following adoption tasks:

  • Choosing an adoption agency that will fit your financial needs
  • Connecting you with other adoption resources, such as physicians and counselors
  • Guiding you through any adoption fees or financial matters
  • Assisting in preparation for any required adoption hearings
  • Reading and reviewing any necessary paperwork you may not fully understand
  • Filing and sending the paperwork to the appropriate channels
  • Providing guidance in both general and Nevada specific adoption laws
  • Representing you in court in case of any legal complications or conflicts, such as parental challenges

The process of adoption can seem overwhelming to anyone without an extensive legal background. Even if you do your best to educate yourself, adoption laws are constantly under revision. Family law attorneys have the unique skill set to handle these complex procedures and are always up-to-date with any legal changes.

Are you considering adoption? Contact the attorneys at Berkich Lucey Law Group today to receive legal advice and support. Start the adoption process on the right track.